Sara Ornelas

Actor, Musician, Combatant, Voiceover

"Sara Ornelas’s Maria is naive and her longing and love palpable, too, but more so in her nuanced acting." Revue

"Other standout performances include Ornelas's dynamic huge voice and energy in the big gospel number “Bless The Lord” as well as her opening of Act II in which she single-handedly reprises the entirety of Act I with flair." 


"Sara Ornelas convincingly plays masculine roles with phenomenal energy and physicality, from comical fight scenes to shoulder stands on slanted platforms..she’s a marvel to watch." Revue

"As Ornelas sings, she is not the Frida as we know her. Ornelas perfectly captures the character: exuberant, feisty, and sincere. We can see that her fireball energy is generated from pain, both physical and emotional." Theasy



El Nogalar by Tanya Saracho

Italian American Reconciliation by John Patrick Shanley

Singing Sample

Knife Combat SPT